Workplace Bullying

What is Bullying behaviour?

A broad range of direct and indirect behaviours can be identified as bullying.  Some examples include:

  • Unjustified criticism or complaints
  • Deliberately denying access to information that is vital for effective work performance
  • Excessive scrutiny at work
  • Aggressive or intimidating conduct – belittling or humiliating comments/ verbal abuse
  • Spreading malicious rumours or innuendo about someone
  • Teasing, practical jokes or ‘initiation ceremonies’
  • Exclusion from work-related events
  • Unreasonable work expectations, including too much or too little work, or work below or beyond a worker’s skill level
  • Displaying offensive material
  • Pressure to behave in an inappropriate manner

Whatever the behaviour, it poses a direct threat to your business if left unchecked.  Employee morale and productivity suffers, you could directly lose staff and be hit with harassment law suits which take time and often considerable money to resolve.

Best avoided.

TasDisputesCentre can assist by:

  • Providing an impartial facilitator to assist parties discuss issues of concern.
  • Ensuring that parties have all pertinent information regarding the issue.
  • Listening to all parties’ concerns.
  • Assisting management identify and address power imbalances in the working relationships.
  • Assist parties identify potential solutions to the issues.
  • Clarify for all parties what the options are in relation to the issues.
  • Assist the parties reach agreement on the solution/s.
  • Help identify how and why the issues arose initially.
  • Assist management and teams with effective communication strategies.
  • Assist the business with strategies to deal with future conflict.