Litigation Hijack

May 7, 2014

Commercial Disputes – How to Avoid Litigation Hijack – Part 2

Here is the link to Part 1 of this series – The answer to “How do you avoid Litigation Hijack?” is found in many of the other posts on this blog, Here are some recent posts that reveal the answer –   In summary, business owners can literally bullet proof themselves against
May 3, 2014

Litigation Hijack – What it is and How to Protect Yourself Against It – Part 1

Put simply, Litigation Hijack occurs when some one or some business is forced into litigation by another person or persons. The victim of litigation hijack does not litigate in a court or tribunal by choice, but does so because he/she/it has to in order to avoid the threat of a prejudical court order made against his or its interests. It