Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Operate as partnerships or joint venture?

You could be leaving yourself open to a wide variety of commercial disputes and very substantial legal costs should your partnership go off the rails.

Disputes can arise from a multitude of causes, but here are some typical ones:

  • Disagreements about the operation of your agreement
  • Disputes about one party’s performance under the agreement
  • Attempts to oust a party from the partnership or venture
  • Allegations that a party has seriously breached the agreement
  • Conflicts of interest
  • A party wants to terminate the agreement and wind up the business arrangement
  • A party dies
  • A party becomes bankrupt
  • The business becomes insolvent
  • Disagreements about the direction of the business
  • Power sharing disputes
  • Personality conflicts

How can we help?

  • We understand the complexities of partnership and joint ventures and how to set up well executed agreements detailing expectations on all sides
  • We are experts at diagnosing the real causes of the dispute and then designing an effective blueprint to manage it
  • Our dispute management strategies are cost effective
  • We work in a way that preserves and safeguards important relationships
  • We will keep you out of court if at all possible