ODR – Online Dispute Resolution

What is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)?

ODR facilitates dispute management and dispute resolution via an online platform.

Mediators or dispute managers can manage the entire dispute using the online tools and capabilities.

The platform enables dispute managers to communicate with parties to the dispute, and their advisers without the need to be physically present.

Communication can take place via different forms of messaging and announcements to the parties individually or jointly and also via audio and video links as required.

The dispute manager can conduct private and confidential communications with each party or open ones with both parties jointly.

The platform permits the dispute manager and the parties to upload documents to the platform and store them confidentially, as well as permitting each party to disclose documents to the other party at any time during the process.

Are you interested in ODR?

We are happy to discuss with you how we make use of ODR technologies and how ODR might be suitable for managing and resolving your dispute.