Intra Management and Intra Employee disputes

TasDisputesCentre works in partnership with all key parties involved in the dispute/conflict to ensure sound resolution aimed at avoiding legal costs and secondary related costs.

When a workplace issue arises, there are secondary costs that cannot usually be measured effectively but do indeed affect the productivity within the business. The primary variables include:

  • Staff dissatisfaction
  • Staff Absenteeism
  • Reduced Staff Morale
  • Staff Downtime/reduce productivity
  • Staff Turnover
  • Increased Human Resource investment

Additionally, workplace stress results in significant costs via workers compensation claims.

An employer’s focus is on running an effective and profitable business. Disputes and conflicts are an unwanted distraction that can seriously inhibit business performance and outcomes.

TasDisputesCentre offers a service that aims to quickly and effectively contain and deescalate such disputes and manage them in a way that minimises disruption to normal business activity.

What type of conflict do TasDisputesCentre cover?

There are two types of conflicts in the workplace – Functional and Dysfunctional.

Functional Conflicts

These are generally constructive and assist the organisation to continuously develop and improve the performance of the business by having robust discussions about workplace activity and direction.

In this type of conflict each party effectively listens to each other and in doing so work together to generate sound ideas for future consideration.

Dysfunctional Conflicts

These conflicts generally resist positive business performance and growth. Staff are generally not willing to work together to resolve any disagreements. One or other party manages the conflict as a personal issue not a business consideration to be managed effectively and with shared responsibility for issue resolution.

Workplace conflicts or disputes can present in different ways. Examples of workplace conflicts or disputes are provided below:

  • Staff having differing views on a topic at the workplace – this can include business direction, recollection of historical decision making influencing current decisions, employment conditions etc…
  • Personality differences in the workplace – staff attitudes and behaviours impacting on workplace activity.
  • Conflict between Management and a staff member or a group of staff – this generally occurs when communication strategies have failed to meet the needs of the staff/ team.
  • Workplace violence or bullying – this involved physical, verbal or other threat to a staff member impacting on their health and safety in the workplace.

The above is not an exhaustive list and has been provided to illustrate areas that the TasDisputesCentre have covered extensively in the past relating to this specialist area.

  • If dysfunctional conflict arises it is important to clarify the Presenting Issue

It is important to:

  1. ACT IMMEDIATELY – delaying action can result in increased tensions, stress and dissatisfaction.
  2. MEETING WITH THE KEY PARTIES to clarify the nature of the conflict/dispute – this will help you to understand the complexities and sensitivities of the situation.
  3. MAKE A DECISION to mediate internally or with the assistance of the TasDisputesCentre Team.

Checklist for Service Need

When deciding when to call in the services of the TasDisputesCentre Team you should consider:

  1. The sensitivity of the presenting issue
  2. Whether in house intervention would be appropriate or conflictual
  3. Whether the issue is of a complex or sensitive nature that creates difficulty managing internally.

Who might need our help to manage and resolve such conflicts or disputes?

The TasDisputesCentre Team have had experience in resolving workplace disputes/conflicts in various industries inclusive of:

  • Typical office environments
  • Franchised businesses
  • Building and construction
  • Health and Related Areas
  • Community Groups
  • Not for profit organisations

Why choose TasDisputesCentre?

Our team has specific experience in workplace disputes management. They have a broad range of experience in managing various conflictual situations in a professional, sensitive and confidential manner.

We are efficient in service delivery and cost effective.

Primary proof of our value add to our customers is that they consistently refer to TasDisputesCentre for dispute resolution as issues arise. They acknowledge that early intervention is the key to avoiding secondary issues arising for the business.