How We Handle, Manage And Resolve Disputes

There are 8 key steps in our dispute management and resolution process.

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Triage
  3. Prognosis
  4. Blueprint
  5. Agreement
  6. Contain and Deescalate
  7. Manage
  8. Resolve


We start with properly and accurately diagnosing the key issues, history and causes of the dispute, the parties involved, each party’s perspective, the wants, fears and expectations of each party and the parties’ respective financial resources.


We then triage the dispute.

This means that based on our diagnosis we work out the best way to manage and resolve the dispute.

We believe in bespoke dispute management.  This can only be accomplished when we have an accurate diagnosis to work with.

During triage we will fit the right dispute manager/resolver/mediator to the dispute and identify the best and most appropriate strategies to apply.

We will also ensure that the blueprint we come up with fits nicely with the financial resources of the parties.


Out of the triage process comes the prognosis. In essence, our recommendations.


Once you accept our recommendations we prepare a dispute management blueprint and present this to you for your approval.


On approval, we prepare and present you with a formal agreement that will enable us to manage your dispute.  The approved blueprint will be made part of this agreement.

Contain and Deescalate

Once we are properly retained, via a signed agreement, our first priority will be to stabilise the situation by containing and deescalating the conflict or dispute.

We will work to bring the parties into an environment with some agreed rules and parameters that will permit us to manage the dispute in the most efficient and effective way.

Our intent is to promote and enhance the early resolution of the dispute at least expense to the parties and in a manner that will help salvage and restore (and possibly enhance and improve) personal and business relationships rather than tear them down.


Once we have contained and deescalated the dispute, we will progressively manage and steer the dispute towards resolution in accordance with steps and flow path set out in the dispute management blueprint.


Our aim is to achieve full resolution of the dispute as quickly and cost effectively as we can.  We do this by adopting and applying this 8-step process.

Our goal is to facilitate and guide the parties towards a final and binding agreement that is commercially fair and acceptable to both or all parties; something each party can comfortably live with.

This approach excludes any outcome that permits one party to “win” and the other to “lose”.

Most likely no party will get the optimal outcome desired by that party, but rather a commercially acceptable one.

The TasDisputesCentre Pledge

The TasDisputesCentre Team makes this pledge to you.

We will always put you first – your interests, your needs, your concerns.

We will always listen and seek to fully understand before we recommend anything.

We will always treat you with respect.

We will always act with the utmost integrity.

We will always abide by the National Mediator Accreditation Standard and Code of Conduct.

We will not accept you as a client or any payment from you unless we believe we can be of real genuine value to you and make a worthwhile difference.

We will not accept you as a client or any payment from you until we have come up with a blueprint to manage your dispute that you accept and approve.

We guarantee to return your money if we fail to meet this pledge.