Building Disputes – Home Owners

As a home owner are you facing either of these issues?

You’ve engaged a professional builder to construct your dream home.

But problems have arisen which if unresolved threaten the successful completion of the build on time, within expected cost and the quality promised.

As the owner, you may have a strong emotional attachment to the project.  You’ve outlaid a substantial sum of money and should things go pear shaped you could face serious financial exposure and risk.  Not to mention having the home you want.

Given this, it’s imperative you quickly get to the heart and negotiate a resolution as quickly as possible so building can continue.


Your home has been constructed, but there are serious defects which the builder refuses to acknowledge and rectify.

You’re sick of “talking” and now feel your only option is to litigate.

Before you go down this route, stop.  There is a better way.

Using proven and effective Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms our experts work with both you and the builder to deescalate the situation while creating a trusted space where you can negotiate in good faith.

Most disputes are not just about differing legal positions.

They are about different personalities, different perspectives, different expectations and assumptions.

Our approach is to unravel the strands of the dispute and produce a viable, credible and constructive dispute management plan and blueprint.

Our system is designed to quickly move both parties out of their combat/conflict mode into a space that allows us to work with you individually and collectively in a cooperative and creative way to resolve the dispute and rebuild the relationship.

We strive to arrive at a sensible and practical commercial outcome that both parties will choose to endorse to end the dispute and complete the project.