Contract Disputes

Businesses enter into all sorts of agreements based on contracts (written or verbal).

While everyone agrees, things are fine.  But the seeds of many a business dispute lie in poorly formed agreements.

Put another way, many business disputes wouldn’t occur, or would not end up in court if businesses made the effort to use well written contracts.

These are some of the types of agreements you may need.

  • Employee contracts
  • Independent Contractor contracts
  • Supplier contracts
  • Service delivery contracts
  • Installation contracts
  • IT contracts
  • Joint Venture contracts
  • Partnership contracts
  • Licensing contracts
  • Delivery contracts
  • Sale contracts

How can TasDisputesCentre help?

  • We understand contracts of all kinds
  • We can analyse your existing contracts and upgrade them
  • We will install a suite of dispute management and dispute resolution clauses into your business contracts that will protect you from ever becoming the victim of litigation hijack
  • Bring your contract dispute to us early and we will resolve it quickly and cost effectively without harming your important business relationships
  • We will keep you out of court if litigation is avoidable